You Inspire Me Monday and a Winner

Monday, March 18, 2013

Have you met Susan and Bentley of Ash Tree Cottage?

This is Bentley. How adorable is that face.

Susan is an interior designer whose own personal style is cottage and I do love her personal style.

There are florals.

Vintage  kitchen linens

a cute cottage dollhouse 

a peak at the refinished hutch in her studio

and glimpses of her favorite things

I know many of you may already follow Ash Tree Cottage, but if you don't I hope you will go over and pay a visit. You will always feel welcome. 

We have a winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway. I want to thank everyone who entered. This has been a fun giveaway. I picked the winner the old fashioned way. I dropped all of the entries in a hat and my 88 year old mom drew the winner. (Don't worry there was no cheating. When I tried to stir them up she smacked my hand away and told me not to touch them. Some things never change. SIGH!!!)

The winner is:




  1. Love, Love, Love Susan and Bentley
    Congrats to KaseyQ

  2. Great pics... I'm going to hop over there right now. Love when I find a new blog I enjoy. Nothing like a Mom to keep you honest! Have a wonderful day, Laura.

  3. That was a good chuckle for this morning-I bet everyone else did the same remembering their Moms.
    Have a good week.

  4. Congrats to your winner!
    Mom knows best. ;)
    Hi Susan and Bentley!

  5. That's a cute blog, thanks for sharing. And congratulations to the winner!

  6. :D I love Susan and Bentley's blog! They are both adorable. Great feature, and congrats to your winner!

  7. Congrats to the your Mom' attitude! I don't know Susan's blog- I am off to check it out- xo Diana

  8. I love Susan and Bentley! She does have a wonderful blog. Congrats to the winner and your Mom cracks me up!

  9. I visited Susan on her blog. She has some great pictures. I love your picture of her florals. And the linens. I have been looking everywhere for prints like those. Around here, they seem to be picked over. How do people still find such bright and lovely designs?

  10. Cute, what your mother'll always be her little girl. :) I'm going to visit
    Susan's blog, can't remember if I've seen it before. I love decorating blogs, thanks for the link!

  11. You had me at cute puppy face picture! Lovely :)

  12. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog. I know that Bentley is a little show off and loves having his picture floating around the internet. I had such a good laugh when I read about your Mom smacking your hand when you tried to stir up the pot. She is just as feisty as my own Mom. I have been married for almost 24 years but my little petite Mom can put me in my place and instantly reduce me to a six year old. And don't we just love them! Thanks again Laura. You are too kind.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. Ahhh - what fun photos. Love the cheery red and white kitchen.

  14. I never heard or have I seen Susan's blog so I am going to check it out. Bentley is adorable for sure.



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