Wow What are These?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yesterday my seven year old granddaughter called me to tell me they were going to the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta. 

Our conversation:
Me: I've never been there.
Sid: You've never been to the Botanical Gardens? Really??
Me: Well, you know, I couldn't really walk around too good, but now when I come down I can.
Sid: Without your cane?
Me: Yep!!
Sid: Good job, Nana.

When did she become the adult.

Being surrounded by all of these heavenly flowers sounds wonderful to me.

and something tells me Sid and JH were probably up to some kind of mischief.

but the best part of all would be seeing all of these wonderful flowers for the very first time, and being a little flower yourself.

What are these and where did they come from Mama?

Thanks to my youngest daughter, Katy (also know as Aunt Katy) for sharing their day with me through her photos. 

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day! And that last photo...priceless!

  2. How very adorable - and I love that little dialogue at the beginning. ♥

  3. Beautiful flowers and beautiful children. Don't you love how they ask you questions and always have good answers ready? xo Diana

  4. What amazing things our little ones say! The Botanical Gardens in Atlanta are one of my favorite places...especially the orchid room! Can't wait til you move here and can enjoy it also!
    hugs, Linda

  5. Way to go Nana....she's priceless.

    Bet they had a great time.


  6. Wonderful photos. You will have a fun outing with those adorable grandchildren next time you are in Atlanta, I'm sure!!

  7. Hello Laura....That littlest "flower" really is an absolute doll baby! Oh my goodness. Beautiful kids! Your heart must be bursting with love. Susan

  8. That was the sweetest conversation. Noow you can't disappoint her, can you? The pictures are lovely.

  9. It will be a grand day when you walk with your beautiful grandchildren without the cane!
    Yay...good for you!


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