Saturday, December 8, 2012


Are you a fan of the movie The Christmas Story. Do you remember the segment where he is double dog dared to stick his tongue on the pole to see if it sticks?

Well, as we all know that tongue stuck like glue to that pole.

Sometimes I feel just like that tongue. 


It's like there is some invisible glue just holding me down. I want to get up. I want to move forward. I want to make big changes. So what's stopping me? Why do I feel like there are barriers crisscrossing my path?

When I start to feel like this I stop and take a big breath. After all, the world is my oyster and the only thing holding me back is me. 

That's when I start going around the house singing "I am strong, I am invincible, I am WOMAN".  (this is the point where my mom usually goes quietly to her room, shuts the door, and turns down her hearing aids)

I have been doing a lot of pondering in the last week. You know since I found out that all of my earthly possessions were illegally dispersed (do you like how nicely I put that?)

In less than three weeks I will be turning 62. OUCH!!! I would never have envisioned starting over at this age, but I know that I can do it, and turn those lemons into lemonade. I may not have everything I need right now, but I have everything I need to move forward.

We all have things we need to move forward from, so, I hope you will join me on my journey. 

It may be a bumpy road at times, but that's what makes life interesting. You never know who you will meet on that road or where the road will take you.

I have started to purchase a few things for my move next summer. It's been 40 years since I've had to furnish a home from scratch, and my budget will be just as limited this time as it was then. 

Hooray for auctions and thrift stores and the kindness of friends and family!!

So what is my favorite thing this week? 

It is the ability to move forward, to follow that unfamiliar road, and to share it with you.

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  1. This is just more proof that criminals know how to work the system. It breaks my heart. The police have their hands tied because they know the case won't hold up in court. I am sad for you. It's so hard to comprehend how people can do such things because a healthy mind and heart wouldn't.

    It's like you survived a "Sandy", but you are warm and dry.

    I love your spirit! I know that you will make a pretty new nest!

  2. Just know that your blogging friends are here for support. We're backing you!

  3. Oh don't be hard on yourself. This time of year and evoke lots of emotions by themselves but then after what you have been going through it can be extra hard. Blessings to you and the New Year and yes we love that movie.

  4. Interesting post because it mirrors exactly what I am feeling myself right now. It's been an incredibly rough year for us and we need to make changes, but nothing we're doing is working. I am very frustrated right now. Here's to hoping the new year is better for both of us.

  5. People start over at all different ages-- think of it as a change-- an adventure! You probably think that's easy for me to say, but being stagnant is no fun either! Best wishes-- and I love "A Christmas Story."

  6. LOL I remember that scene in A Christmas Story. I love that movie! I know you have a daunting task before you, but with God's help, anything is possible!


  7. Ah, Laura, of course we will all tag along enjoying your new adventure. Trite but true old saying, “It’s not the destination, but the journey.” Yours is going to be better than fine.

  8. We watch Christmas story over and over on Christmas and crack up every time!
    We'll tag right along with you on your new path in life. :)
    Don't buy too much stuff, remember you have to move it. :)
    Happy Saturday!

  9. I needed this because I'm feeling a little stuck myself these days although little by little I am moving forward. Thanks for sharing this Laura. I'm singing with you girlfriend! LOL!

  10. Thanks for the song to give a kick in the butt-however, since I have a horrid voice my kitties will not be thanking you-lol Starting over is difficult but I know you can do it, after all, you are WOMAN!

  11. Lovely post, Laura. We're with you, and the road will be good.

  12. Laura you are strong and you will move forward with grace! I am so proud of you for taking this journey with a strong spirit...we will take it with you and support you all the way!

  13. I am also alone and broke but I have my health and spirit to keep me goin!!!

  14. I wonder if you are not so much stuck as plotting your course, you wouldn't want to just start off blindly. And sometimes what feels like a barrier, is actually a new path opening up, it just wasn't ready for you yet.

    I follow you on you might have guessed, all of your beautiful white pins are on my


  15. I hear you, my friend. I feel as if I'm traveling the same road, not the exact same situation, but definitely trying to forge a new path.

    thanks so much for joining in this week!


  16. Good luck in your journey. Sounds like you know what you want and that is the first step.

  17. Laura, I have felt "stuck" for the last several months....meaning- needing to make some Major decisions in my life soon..Praying and asking GOD for directions...the RIGHT directions! Turn it over to him and He will DIRECT your Path! And it will be the RIGHT one! Prayers.......Roxie

  18. Keep singing and keep moving forward. And do not put your tongue on a frozen flagpole!

  19. God bless you Laura!! Follow your heart and know who your friends are and stay close to family! Especially this time of year!!

  20. It is scary to start over at this age, isn't it? We are about the same age and I went through some life altering times a few years back. It is scary and exciting and you bounce from joyous anticipation of the changes to mind-numbing anxiety. You can do this and that old song is one of my favorites. I loved it in the 70's and it still applies today- xo Diana

  21. I don't know the details of the challenges you face, but God is our strength and help in time of need. I need to cling to those truths as well and take one day at a time. Lovely spirit in your post. I'm loving the picture in your header!
    Mary Alice

  22. Hi Laura...You know, I am very sad for the loss of your possessions. That person was not a friend at ALL. But maybe it'll be good to start all over----fresh---with new things for a new life. Of course, it is not an easy process but you are right, you ARE strong. You ARE invincible. You ARE woman. I certainly wish you the very best. And that person will be paid back. Oh yes, what goes around most certainly comes around.

    Thanks for your visit and comment to my blog, too. Susan

  23. Life is always changing at least mine is.... God, loved ones and blogging will help you to get where you need to be. Dottie

  24. I am now following you on pinterest. About your treasures that are now lost... I really feel for you, but remember Romans 8:38-39. There is our true treasure. I remind myself all the time that people cannot take my real riches in my children and those I love. Hopefully the new year will bring about riches and treasures that you had no idea would come.


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