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Saturday, December 29, 2012

room with a view

This was the view I woke up to this morning. A perfect day, I think, for staying inside and doing a bit of cleaning and organizing. 

Right after I sit by the fire with a hot mug of tea.

What are your plans today?



  1. Smart woman!

    So how much snow do you have?

    We got even more last night....sneaky Mother Nature.


  2. Laura ~ our view is the same today and I plan on just resting and relaxing by the fire with a warm quilt and a cup of tea. Perfect for catching up on all my blogging friends ~ enjoy your day.

  3. I'm looking at the same white stuff. It makes for a good day of staying inside!

  4. We have already shoveled out last night's snow. 5 more inches of that stuff. Then I made a pot of chili. Now it will be putting away more decorations. Take care and be careful going out. xox,Susie

  5. Happy belated birthday to you! What am I doing today? I'm about to go shopping!


    PS The view is beautiful!

  6. I am multi-tasking.....blogging, reading, eating, drinking, cleaning?, blogging, watching a movie, reading, eating, talking on the phone, blogging........making most of my day! Happy New Year, Laura! from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  7. I'm in today too. Laundry (when isn't it laundry day??) and drafting lots of items for Etsy-- there's a day shot!

  8. We awoke with more snow too in Pa.I am FINALLY baking cookies & watching the birds take their turn at the feeder,have a happy & healthy new year!phyllis

  9. Home made soup, rushing to the window every little bit to take pics of birds in the snow at our feeder. It's a madcap existence, huh?

  10. Ran some errands and beat the latest snowfall home. It was supposed to stop but didn't so now I think soup is on the agenda.

  11. cooked a turkey dinner all day. :) Are you sure you are 62?? Sure don't look it!!! xo

  12. What a beautiful view! We have had unlimited rain for the past few days.

    I missed your birthday post. (It was on the last day that my son was here. I must catch up with my visiting!) '

    Happy Birthday, Laura! I will be here to pray and support your journey this year!
    It's going to be fun to watch you fashion your new home in chic Atlanta!

  13. What a great view! I worked in the basement all day- organizing my crap---er--craft area! xo Diana

  14. Laura! hmmm? Now that the day is almost over here, I finally see this question of yours. So, I'll say I pretty much accomplished what I had set out to do plus I had to tend my baby LL while his parents went to see Les Mis (the movie version) and ya. Have a great day tomorrow, Laura. I usually don't blog on Saturdays (well post anyway) but today I felt was a great day to catch up on some of my organizing for my blog and editing some portions, etc.

    take care!

  15. Hot tea and indoor activities sound lovely. I was driving back from SD. Roads were much better this trip than on my trip north last Thursday and Friday (had to stay at a motel one night due to winter storm).


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