Monday, December 17, 2012

rainy days and mondays

Do you remember when The Carpenters sang rainy days and Mondays always get me down?

Well, it is Monday and it is gray and rainy, but I am not feeling down. Yes, there has been terrible tragedy in the news. I feel heartbroken for those families and the devastation this has caused, but I am also feeling that life is full of promise. 

This is a season filled with promise and hope, and today I choose to be happy and filled with joy.

Because even though we live in uncertain times, we have so many blessings in our lives.

Tomorrow I will be joining the blogging community in a day of silence to honor the victims of Sandy Hook.  You can join us by posting the graphic that you can get at this link.

 P.S. An update on The Little Entrpreneurs . There was no trading for broccoli yesterday, but they did raise their price to $5 an ornament, which they had no problem getting. Also, my grandson manged to score a free veggie hot dog along with the $5 for one of the elves. 



  1. Love the brocolli story.
    I will be joining in on tomorrow.

  2. Thank you for the broccoli update, Laura. Also for the chance to say how adorable your grand's are. Catch you Wednesday. May you continue to have a good week.

  3. I so wish I had the time to visit them and buy one of their ornaments!! I will join you in the quiet day of reflection tomorrow. I too am choosing to feel Joy!
    hugs, Linda

  4. You are right, we do have many blessings to focus on. Prayers going out to all the families who are hurting. Your poinsettia is beautiful. The one I bought a week ago has already lost its leaves. It's not dead yet, but it's not very pretty.

  5. Those little salespeople learn fast...way to go.

    I am joining in on the day of silence also.


  6. I agree with your insights. Prayers go out to the hurting, but there is joy to be had and cherished.

  7. Beautiful photo, and I admire your positive attitude. Kudos to those little entrepreneurs!!

  8. Loved the Carpenters!! Just watched a PBS special with Peter Noon of the Herman Hermits!! Loved them too from the 60s!

  9. Bravo to the young sales people!

  10. Yes, I remember that song very well....7th grade Praying for the families all week....Roxie


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