Thursday, December 27, 2012


when is it too late to start over?

at what age do we say I have had enough?

when do we stop pursuing our dreams?

I say never!

I have always had a vision of my future. I saw myself living in a little cottage, filling it with vintage and antiques, and working in my garden.

it is a simple dream. There was never a big house or riches in my dream. It was just a pursuit of a simple vintage life. 

so what has stopped me. only myself. yes, there have been lots of outside forces that have caused me to veer from my course, but the bottom line is I have allowed others to dictate my present and my future. 

now, today, on my 62nd birthday I am saying, not that I have had enough, but that I have had not nearly enough.

thank you all my dear readers who have stayed the course with me. I hope you will continue with me as I pursue my dream. 

I expect this next year to bring many changes in my life. I am having a second knee replacement in January, which should allow me freer movement than I have had in years. I am planning to move to Atlanta, next summer, rent a small apartment and enjoy the fun of decorating again. There will be more time with family and making new friends. I plan to spend more time promoting my business and writing my blog. 

No one knows what tomorrow may bring, but even with its ups and downs it is sure to be an amazing ride.

So, I am looking forward to it all with great expectation and I have written my name in the sky, because the sky's the limit.



  1. Laura...Happy Birthday! You are a way cute 62 year old lady. You never know what tomorrow will bring, that is true but you never know, it may be that the best is yet to come. Good luck with your surgery,your move and all you have in store in this fresh new year.

  2. Well Happy Birthday, Laura dear! I didn't know your age was near mine. I'll be 60 in February. I would have imagined you are younger than me. [really]

    Have a lovely day and know that #1. I love your new banner. #2. Your post was positive with an edge, which is good. #3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, again!!!

  3. What a wonderful attitude! I needed to read this! I too, will experience many changes in my life in 2013 (LORD willing). I continue to ask for GODs guidance and direction for the things to come and be in his perfect will. I will do the same for you....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Laura! We can do ALL things IN CHRIST who strengthens us! Roxie

  4. Happy Birthday to You! Good for you on embracing the new year. Keep the faith!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  5. Happy Birthday Laura! I look forward to seeing you create your dreams and meet your goals in the New Year. Enjoy your special day!

  6. Happy Birthday Laura!
    I am a regular visitor to Atlanta, I go once a month for my job...lots of adorable places to shop and eat- although I'm a fan of the slower pace, I'm looking forward to reading all about your finds and decorating adventures:)
    Good luck with the knee surgery, I hope you'll keep us all up to date with your progress.
    Again, Happy Birthday and best wishes for a jubilant New Year!


  7. Laura,
    Happy Birthday! I's never too late. And I never would have guessed you to be 62. You look so much younger.

  8. Happy Birthday
    Author: unknown

    May everything happy
    and everything bright
    be yours on your birthday
    from morning till night.

    And then through the year
    may the same thing hold true
    so that each day is filled
    with life's best things for you!

    Have a Happy Birthday,Laura

  9. Happy Birthday sweet friend! You finally caught up to me! lol I love making goals for the year ahead and you have some wonderful plans. I'm wishing you the very best....dreams do come true! Birthday hugs coming your way! Hugs, Diane

  10. Happy Birthday! I am excited for you, your adventures and plans for 2013. Hope you plan on taking us along with you!

  11. Happy Birthday! Remember birthday cake calories don't count!!

  12. Beautiful, and looking forward to the best that is yet to come. Happy Birthday.


  13. Well, Happy Birthday and I know that you will make your dreams come true. It is amazing how many people simply never achieve their dreams and are scared to even TRY. Let me TRY, even if I fail...I think you are a lot like that, too. xo Diana

  14. Happy Birthday! And you go girl! :D

  15. Laura Happy Birthday and welcome to '62' it's not so bad! I'm working on my life also and when you move to Atlanta we will get to hang out and vintage shop together! I'm so happy you are not giving up. Life is what you make of it and you have so much to look forward too! Big Hugs, Linda

  16. Happy Birthday dear Laura!! Best wishes to you as you have your knee surgery and make the move in 2013. I will be here to follow along as you pursue your dreams!
    Hugs to you my friend!

  17. Laura! Thank you for you nice words regarding my grands. They are pretty dang special, that's for sure. Very sweet of you [and thank you for your nice words about my age and looks, too.]

  18. Happy Birthday! And you are so right . . . never too late. I just read an article about a woman who started writing at age 66 and is now 76. Keep dreaming, but most of all, keep doing. Good luck with your changes in 2013. With your attitude, I'm guessing they will go well.

  19. I'll be cheering you along, Laura!! Happy, Happy Birthday!! And, my 2013 be your best year yet!! blessings ~ tanna

  20. Happy birthday, and best wishes on all the changes ahead. I agree -- never stop dreaming!

  21. Happy Birthday! We are never too mature to have dreams.

  22. Happy Candle Blowing! And on to the next adventure!

  23. Hope you had the happiest of birthdays and that the upcoming year will find you well, happy and prosperous. May the next chapter be wonderful!

  24. Happy Birthday and may your dreams have no boundries.
    The tree and snowscene picture is lovely.
    All the best in your New Year and your journey.

  25. Best wishes with all of your endeavors in the upcoming year! I love your positive attitude!

  26. Happy Birthday! It seems as though you have the right attitude to achieve all your dreams. Happy New Year!

  27. Hi Laura, I just came across your site and fell in love! I, too, have the desire to simplify, simplify, simplify......ahhhh...... I feel as though we are kindred spirits. Look forward to visiting often. Good luck with your knee and Happy belated Birthday!


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