Thursday, December 13, 2012

mom's Christmas house

It has been a busy time decorating mom's house for her final Christmas here. 

From Poinsettias

to a vintage Annalee Mr. and Mrs. Santa

to a kitchen tree topper

the decorating is over and now it is time to enjoy it all.

I'll be sharing more with you in the days to come,

with Christmas love,



  1. I haven't seen an Annaalee for a long time. Love the kitchen tree topper. So much fun seeing how others decorate.

  2. That's lovely, Laura. I hope you have a nice Christmas. I didn't even know what an Annalee was!

  3. Just stopping by for a peek and to leave some re-gifted fruitcake. (even those who supposedly know are saying it’s okay to re-gift). Looking great, Laura.

  4. Annalee is trending again. There is a whole new generation to cherish those sweet little faces!
    Your Mr and Mrs C. are dear!

  5. How beautiful! I have Mr. Clause but have never found a Mrs. Claus for him. I LOVE your tree topper!

  6. I love that tree topper! I agree with you...let's enjoy it all now! I need to make myself stop! lol And take more pics! Sweet hugs!

  7. Your such a good daughter, Laura. I hope your Mom really enjoys her last Christmas there before she moves- xo Diana

  8. All your extra efforts will mean so much to your mom. Each decoration has a memory attached, I am sure.

  9. What a special Christmas to remember-it all looks so beautiful for her.
    You are a very loving daughter-may your holidays be blessed.

  10. I'm looking forward to seeing all your decorations! I know it's bitter sweet to move for you Mom. I'm still hoping to get mine here to Ga but she may stay in Texas. Hugs, Linda

  11. Oh Laura, it's so wonderful you are making your Mom's Christmas special. You will never regret it. Susan

  12. That is one adorable tree topper! It always feels great to get it all done & decorated, doesn't it?


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