Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Etiquette Tips

Today I thought I would share some Christmas tips. They were put together by my younger daughter, Katy who blogs at WinsomeHollow and feature my two grandchildren, her niece and nephew (photos taken a few years back)

Christmas Etiquette Tip #1 
The proper Christmas gift opening face (as demonstrated by Sidney)

Tip #2
Always be camera ready (as demonstrated by Jack Henry)

Tip #3
Be sure to take a picture of your kids with a strange bearded man in costume, so you can laugh at the photo for years to come.

Tip #4
Be sure to remember to use the boxes in which your gifts came (demonstrated here in a reenactment of an episode from Flight of The Conchords)

Tip #5
If your kids won't cooperate while taking your annual Christmas pictures, just stick a tree in the background.

Tip #6
If all else fails in your Christmas giving, be sure to have nicely wrapped packages....

Tip #7
When holiday shopping, be prepared for long lines, and avoid confrontations with other customers (* a demonstration of what not to do...)

Tip #8
When organizing Christmas afternoon games, be sure to form teams appropriately, based on size and age...

Tip #9
Finally when the day is through, allow yourself to let go and look forward to the New Year's festivities (and remember to plan for a designated driver, when like these two, you've had too much to drink)...Merry Christmas!!

Tip# 10 (from me)
Remember to not answer your phone or check your text messages on the day that you use your daughter's list lovingly and without her permission. 

Note to daughter: I did link to your blog and here's a link to your shop WinsomeHollow

Note to Readers: No alcoholic beverages were given at any time to children during the making of this list. I can't attest to what the grownups were doing. 



  1. Thanks for the tips-- will keep them in mind! Happy 12-12-12!

  2. Cute post! Thanks for the smiles this morning.

  3. This is great, I love the little faces and smiles. Off to visit your shop and I will stop by your daughter's too. dawn suitcase vignettes

  4. Oooh Laura, you are going to be in sooo much trouble. Great fun.

  5. This was hilarious!! All of those tips were quite true too. LOL! Your grandkids are cuties.

  6. Adorable and very funny!


  7. Very funny, perfect captions to those photos...will have to remember all of the tips.


  8. Great pics!! Love the one with the shirttail hanging out and the tie all askew --- looks like my grandson!

  9. You are hilarious! I love this post. Your grandchildren are going to *shank* you one day!!! ;P

  10. Too cute! Your grandkids are so adorable. I'll try to remember that proper face when I open the terrible cookies our neighbor bakes every year. They are truly not edible, poor thing. I don't have the heart to tell her, so I will put on the face. Thanks for the tutorial! haha


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