shopping on a monday

Monday, November 12, 2012

As my mom would say, "the wind is blowing to beat the band" around here this morning. It woke me several times during the night and I know that it is blowing in a cold front, letting us know that November is definitely here.

Perfect morning to sit in front of the fire with a cup of cocoa and browse Etsy. So come on in and join me. Jammies optional, but are the preferred wardrobe for this shopping trip. I personally have on my flannels with the penguins. Who ever said ImSoVintage wasn't stylish?

Don't forget to click on the description to see the item and the name of the shop to see what other lovelies they have. 

herb drying rack from less and more

leaf pillow from plantillo

antique silver bird cage from 86 home

white Christmas nativity set from zime

vintage toggle coat from concetta's closet

frostie root beer crate from ImSoVintage

If you're looking for me. I'll be battening down the hatches.



  1. Wonderful finds! I am in my plaid flannels working on my 2nd cuppa' tea! :)

  2. Great treat this morning!! I'm on my second cup of coffee. ;)

  3. Ohhh my goodness!
    That's my coat!!
    I love that coat!!
    I got it in college and still wear it now!
    Started out as a good warm coat, my kids have nagged me about getting with it and getting a new coat, so now I can tell them that I'm sooo Vintage. I also still have my red plade with hoodie from high school.

  4. That cold front is coming in here too! I'm so disappointed I didn't get to see the penguin jammies. lol it's a good day to stay in and browse - I agree! I think I had a 'car coat' like the toggle one when I was in Jr. or High school, but mine was burgandy.

  5. No wind, but 24 degrees is a bit chilly here this morning! Stay warm and safe. LOVE that beautiful bird cage!

  6. Great picks! I love the crate and the pillow looks like a real leaf!

  7. I can't tell you the number of times I've said the very same thing your mom said.

  8. Fabulous finds! I remember Frostie root beer and Nehi grape soda! And I envy your penguin jammies.

  9. Love these images, I especially like the birdcage and the toggle coat.


  10. Holy cow...that pillow really looks like a leaf!

  11. That wasn’t a leaf? Brought my own thermos and happy to share . . .

  12. Before I forget, and this should make you laugh, I soooooo wanted to be a ballerina when I was growing up. But turned out too clutzy, tall, and

    Now I gracefully glide down the stairs, only to land on my hip, and my hand.

    Love the's beautiful, and your windy weather has brought us snow, again.



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