should I?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I've often thought about starting up a blog party of my own. 

no, I didn't mean I would be partying by myself. well, maybe I would be


There is something infinitely creepy about that picture.

I've thought of some great ideas.

How about Melodious Monday. 

Wouldn't that be great?

We could all make videos of ourselves singing (No shower scenes, please) and share them once a week.

The only problem is that after the first week of you hearing me singing, the party would be over.

Okay, moving right along to the next idea.

How about Tattered Tuesdays,

It would be all about our closet stories. We could share things we are sending or need to send to Goodwill. But, how many times can we clean out our closets?

Idea number three.

Wash it Wednesday


How exciting would it be to watch everyone's laundry going round and round and round....See, I was completely mesmerized.

That brings us to Turbulent Thursday.

That's when we see what people's rooms really look like (well at least my rooms)


are these the future decorators of tomorrow? 'cause I'm feeling a bit concerned.

That brings us to the Finally it's Friday blog hop,


That's where everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief that Laura's blog parties are finally over.

Maybe I better leave the party planning to someone else for now. 

I thought about linking this post to a bunch of parties, but for some reason I was banned. Hmmmmm!!!!



  1. Hahahaha! I like Turbulent Thursday the best! I have plenty of rooms I could link up :)


  2. I found laughter this early to be exhilirating!
    your themes are more like Real Life!
    what fun we could've had..

  3. I think you are the hostess with the mostest! Some of these would be fun! haha! Enjoy your day sweet friend! I love your sense of wonder we get along so well! lol

  4. Laura, great idea, lol. I needed a good laugh this mornng, and here I got it.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. I love the party ideas! Of course the singing one would end upon all of us caterwauling on our blogs! Funny!

    hugs, Linda

  6. Turbulent Thursday -- I could post every week on that one!

  7. Haha. Love those names. Personally, I don't know how the party hosts can keep up with it all. Inviting, reminding, etc. etc. Yikes.

  8. LOL - I love love love link parties but end up at the same couple each week. A new one would be tons of fun - how about that - Tons of fun Tuesday, things that make your laugh... or diet tips?

  9. What a funny post! Had me laughing which is a good thing. If you decide on Turbulent Thursday, let me know. I live with and eight-year-old who could definitely join in! Thanks for the chuckle!

  10. LOL!! What funny photos. I'm waiting for Finally It's Friday!

  11. I think it would be fun to have a party where everyone made a tiny, short little video of themselves!

  12. These are some great ideas! lol

  13. Hahaha, Laura. I'm in. All your ideas make me laugh.
    I can't sing, have 5 bags in the garage to take to Goodwill, laundry piled up, and the house is a mess. Good thing my toenails are freshly painted so I can lay down on that Friday couch and kick off my heels!

  14. Great ideas! Turbulent Thursday nearly describes the year I've had! I'll be ready for Finally Friday. I've been catching up on your blogs, but I hope you don't mind if I only comment once. I love reading your blogs. They are always inspiring. The pictures you find always make me wonder 1)where do you find such beautiful pictures 2)where people come up with such creative ideas 3)why I never thought of that!

    I know why my craft room doesn't look like those pictures, though. I can never decide on "the look" I want, so everything is always just a jumbled mixed-up mess. But, I can dream.

  15. Cute ideas! I love Finally it's Friday.

  16. LOL! I have to say Friday's party would have been my favorite! Loved all the photos you chose.

  17. LOL! I would have plenty to link up to Turbulent Thursday! Thanks for the visit and the follow! I'm now your newest follower! Blessings, Tammy


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