Shopping on a Monday

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall has definitely arrived here in central Kentucky. We went from highs in the 80's to highs in the 40's within a couple of days. It's been a bit hard making the transition from shorts to winter jackets so quickly. But they've always said "If you don't like the weather around these parts, just wait a day, 'cause it'll change".

The good part is that after doing a little cleaning up in the garden yesterday, I had a good excuse to put my feet up and do some window shopping on Etsy. So grab a cup of coffee and let's do some shopping. After all, the way time is zipping by, Christmas will be here before you know it.

Don't forget to click on the price to see the item and the name of the shop to see more lovelies from the seller.

$52 from byjodi

$28 from Suite One Studio

$59 from Wild Ridge Design

$60 from Agnes Felt

52 EUR from karo Art

$7.50 from wit and whistle

$55 from Im SoVintage

Stay warm and cozy and to all my friends who are in the path of the big storm, please stay safe.



  1. I love how blogger just went ahead and posted this a day early. Gotta love good old blogger, but I guess that gives everyone and extra day to shop :)

  2. What a beautiful post, Laura. Well, better a day early than a day late! xo Diana

  3. Thanks for finding us these wonderful goodies, Laura!

  4. Laura, thank you for coming to visit me! and follow. I have done the same!

  5. I like shopping with you a day early! lol I do love that red wreath!

  6. Lots of pretties today. I love the wreath and that quilt!

    hugs, Linda

  7. Those warm slippers would really keep my toes warm when I am up blogging at 3 am....

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. What a great collection! Thanks for including my notecards!

  9. Great post. I love the wreath.


  10. Wonderful finds. I especially love wreath, the prints with the little red birds on top, and your fantastic basket.

  11. What gorgeous finds! Thank you so much for including my necklace among them! I looove those slippers and the quilt!


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