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Saturday, September 15, 2012

favorite things

When I saw that one of my favorite bloggers, Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage has started a blog party, I knew I had to join in this week. 

I have two favorite things that belonged to my grandmother and are now mine. Hooray!!!

I apologize for the somewhat blurry photos, but the light wasn't the best this morning and I was just too excited to wait.

I love knowing that my grandmother used these in the early part of the last century while handmaking clothes and quilts and darning socks. 

The mammy pincushion is tattered and worn, so she mostly sits and watches while I sew. I use my own handmade pincushion for my day to day work. I used the darning egg last winter when I was patching my felted wool slippers. My mom said she remembers my grandmother using it when she patched her socks as a child.

I'm glad my favorite things are joining  A Favorite Thing Saturday



  1. Wonderful favorite things. I like the stories of why we choose items to be our favorites! I think family items come with so many memories! Hugs, Linda

  2. These are simply wonderful, Laura! I imagine they are priceless to you as well they should be. I love that you shared these with us today. Thank you so much for joining in.


  3. Such cherished treasures! The mammy pincushion is so sweet and it's such a joy to be surrounded by the things we love! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. It's wonderful that this treasure stayed in the family. It is in remarkably good condition. I know you must be thrilled to now be its caretaker. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  5. These are wonderful treasures! I think that I inherited my grandmother's darning egg too. I'll have to check the drawer of her old sewing machine because that's probably where it will be. We are coming into sock wearing season again. Have a great weekend!!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. Wonderful that you have your grandmother's pin cushion!! I cherish things I have gotten from my Grandma too!

  7. This sounds like a really cute idea for a party. :D What special treasures you have.

  8. What wonderful pieces... these are my favourite types of favourite things. Lovely. :)

  9. I have my Mamaw's sewing things, too. They are definite treasures like yours!

  10. Your mammy doll pincushion is beautiful! She must have been handmade with love, too. Thanks for sharing these things. Linda

  11. How wonderful that you have those sewing items from your family's past, Laura. I love that pincushion. She's just so sweet. I have some darning eggs and cards of needles that were my grandmother's, as well as her old button box, still full of buttons. Thank you so much for showing us these precious favorites of yours!


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