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Friday, August 24, 2012

When I look at this new photo of my granddaughter, I see so many things. Yes, she is beautiful, but I also see promise, hope for the future, a look at all of the wonderful things that are ahead, and even if there are difficult days, difficult months, even difficult years, there is promise.

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling downright cranky. I had been to an auction and the auction was good. I bought six new things for my shop so I have some new things to list along with the other things that are sitting here waiting to be photographed. 

After the auction I went to an antique mall to check out their booths, because I need to expand where I am selling. They had just opened up a new room and the spaces were just bare spots. That means I would have to build my own walls. There was a time when I could do that, but I am just not physically able to now and I was having a bad pain day from my fall.  I was feeling discouraged and cranky.

This morning when I woke up I checked my email first thing and saw there was a post from Marc and Angel Hack Life. It was titled 12 Negative Thoughts Holding You Back. The article was very good and I recommend that you read it. 

Number 12 said this:

 “I don’t have time to dream.” – The real tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your dream; it lies in having no dream to reach.  Devote yourself to an idea you believe in.  Follow your gut.  Overcome your fears.  Work on it.  Struggle with it.  Smile about it.  Make it happen.  This is your life and your dream – no one else’s.  And remember, you don’t have to see the whole staircase; you just have to take one step at a time.

So today. I am taking another step. I will visit another mall, and talk to another person and I will keep going until I find the best place for me. And I will smile and follow my gut. Yes, I may struggle with it, but I know I can make it happen. I have made many other seemingly impossible things happen in the past.

I am a woman, and we women are strong, and I have a wonderful support system in you, my friends.



  1. Your granddaughter is so beautiful! Yes, there is lots of promise there.
    I am going to have to read 12 Negative Thoughts Holding you Back.
    Good luck finding a booth that works for you. Have a great weekend.

  2. I needed to read your post today, Laura. I'm at about the same point in life as you and wanting so bad to dream and make my dreams happen, but I find the obstacles so daunting. We don't have antique malls here in Buffalo so I've been dreaming about a little shop, but I'm scared! I bought some stuff yesterday at an estate sale with my "dream" in mind. Thanks for your timely words and encouragement. Oh, and I hope you feel better :)
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  3. It depends on what you have to sell, but an armoire, a hutch/buffet would make a 'sorta' wall. And, if your neighbor puts up one, then maybe you can share your half. Finding the right spot takes patience. Maybe you could move into a space that already has walls that someone is moving from. I know it will all work out, just wait for the right time.

  4. The baby is beautiful. She must encourage you a great deal. I like the way you are going on for your goal, even when you are physically unable to do all the old things. Great!

  5. That's the spirit! I'm sure you will see your dream realized, in time.

  6. Thanks for the words of wisdom. One step at a time is good advice but hard to hear when you're feeling discouraged. You help so many readers when you write honestly about your setbacks and frustrations. It's good to see the hard work, sweat and effort that talented and creative people have to go through to achieve their dreams. With the blogging community, we can share our experiences and help someone else get through their struggle and not feel so alone.
    That baby girl is way too cute! She represents all the promise and possibilities, doesn't she? You are one lucky grandma.

  7. I visited the link and the advice is so spot on. Best of luck to you dear!

  8. What a great post- Sometimes the only thing holding us back is ourselves. Sometimes it is too hard to move forward when we don't know exactly what we want to begin with. I hope you had less pain today and less mental angst over finding a new space- xo Diana

  9. That sounds like a good, positive plan. There is always an avenue ready to be walked down but sometimes it's hidden. Perhaps you'll find an even better location! Good luck.

  10. Wonderful advice and what a pretty grandbaby you have!

  11. What a beautiful baby picture!! Wishing less pain and happy hunting for a new sales venue.


  12. She is adorable, and you are very inspirational today.

    I love that blog also, have it on FB.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  13. I'm sure that with persistence you'll find the perfect spot.Your granddaughter is really beautiful. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary


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