Monday Shopping List

Monday, August 13, 2012

Well, the Olympics have come to a close (BIG SIGH) and while I await the arrival of my gold medal, you know, the one I am receiving for most viewer watching by an individual, I thought I would get my blog back on track with a Monday shopping list. 

So here are some lovelies from Etsy I have placed on my wish list. 

Please be sure and click on the price to see the item and on the name of the shop to see more wonderful items they have to offer.

vintage hot air balloon handmade gift tags

$6.25 from A Vintage Obsession
large French linen tote bag with leather strap

$89 from ikabags

vintage wood tennis racket (because there is still Rio in our future)

$26 from RhapsodyAttic

handwoven canyon scarf

$128 from SameHeartDesigns

antique general store paper cutter roll with full paper roll

$95 from Andie Amour

And last, but definitely not least, a sport I can actually compete in.

$8 from the dancing wren

I hope every one has a wonderful Monday. 



  1. I'm going to miss the Olympics. There were so many great personalities among the athletes this time.

  2. This post made me laugh! Love it and I'm sure your gold medal is in the mail!! I want that French bag but without the price...I am soooo cheap! hugs, Linda

  3. Ooh, great choices! This is such a fun feature; I've missed it!

  4. How beautiful shopping list :)

    Big thanks supporting handmade work Laura !


  5. Nice collection and where have you been? I have missed you! Come on over a see what you have been missing.


  6. A great list and I do love those vintage tags.

  7. The Pick Up Sticks reminded me of one of the funniest things a child ever said to me. It was years ago. I was in my thirties. A girl of about 8 came with her father who had business of some kind with my husband. I'm entertaining her by playing Pick Up Sticks with her on the garage while the men talk cars.

    All of sudden she said, "When you grow up, you might be real pretty."

  8. What fun finds! Love the French linen tote. And I think I had pick up sticks just like that as a kid. I wasn't very good at that sport, either :-(.

  9. Can't wait to see your gold medal! lol I haven't seen Pick Up Sticks for a long time! Fun stuff!

  10. So many fantastic finds here!! Thank you very much! That Pick Up Sticks story was awesome NellJean, so funny!

    Thanks so much for including my vintage tennis racquet!


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