my inner summer child

Monday, July 2, 2012

Do you have an inner summer child? I do!

When I woke up this morning...after I used my Flonase for allergies and Prilosec for heartburn....I thought about what it was like on a summer morning when I was a child. 

It was so exciting to get the day started.I would jump out of bed and pull on a pair of shorts or my favorite skort. You do remember skorts don't you? Those cute litttle short and skirt combinations. I loved them.

pattern found at  HoneymoonBus

I don't wear skorts anymore, but I did put on some shorts (proudly showing off my wonderful new scar on my knee)

I would then pull on my summer Keds. My dad always took us down to the local shoe store to get us a new pair of Keds at the start of the summer. I always chose red. 

Well, guess what I still wear Keds. This year I have a great pair of patch madras Keds. You do remember patch madras don't you?

How cool are these? I can definitely feel my summer kid coming out.

It was then time to head downstairs for breakfast. I loved getting to choose which cereal I wanted. Lots of choices full of sugary goodness. Rice Krispies were my favorite. Loved the snap, crackle, and pop.

Guess what I loved a fresh peach cut up on my cereal and I still do. Today I had Kashi Heart to Heart, but still brought out my summer child.

After breakfast we were allowed to watch Captain Kangaroo on some days. 


I loved Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans. I don't watch much TV anymore, but I worked the crossword. A fun way to start the day.

Then it was time to hit the great outdoors. I didn't get to play today, but it was still cool enough this morning that I rolled down my car windows and let the wind blow my hair while I ran some errands. Brought back lots of memories of car rides before we had air conditioning. You remember those days don't you? My brother, sister and I would be crammed into the backseat sweating and fighting. It was great!!

So, I don't know about you, But I am enjoying my summer inner child. Before you know it, I will be at the local Woolworths eating Tootsie Rolls and drinking cherry Coke. 



  1. I have wonderful memories of being a kid, too. Did you get the summer Weekly Reader in the mail? I've been searching to see if I could find any of those. What fun to get mail! And remember riding your bike all day...and never getting tired! Stop by when you can...I'm having a giveaway!

  2. You've brought back so many memories! I wore skorts, for sure, and loved Captain Kangaroo and the summer seemed long and endless, in the most wonderful way. Thanks for this post!


  3. I remember ALL those things, Laura! And oh- yeah-as above-I remember Weekly Reader in the mail, too. I loved just stretching out on the grass and watching the clouds move across the sky....and riding my bicycle around the farm. xo Diana

  4. I'll join you at the counter :-). I really enjoyed your post today. It brought back lots of memories. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. I loved Skorts and dr. scholl's exercise sandals when they were first available at the drug store... Mr. Greenjeans was my favorite part of the show !

    1. Hi My sister, you were too little to remember the Keds buying trips. I remember that Mr. Greenjeans was your favorite Part :)
      Hugs from your big sister.

  6. Oh my skorts! Yes I do remember them. I wish I was slim enough to still wear them! Its been too hot to let my inner child out to play much. I like your memories! hugs, Linda

  7. I remember skorts. I think corn pops were my favorite, and yes, I watched Captain Kangaroo. Nice stroll down memory lane. I'll never lose my inner child.

  8. Such a fun post Laura. I remember crafts and fun at the local park every day....playing under the hose.....and hide n seek in the dark, after catching fireflies. Happy happy 4th.

  9. Laura,
    Me too! And now I keep the flonase, zyrtec, patanol(for allergy eyes) on hand. Of course the prilosec I take every day, too!
    But summer is my favorite time of year!

  10. Awww Laura!!!! LOL!!!
    I loved this post!!!
    That's WHY I am passing you the Sunshine Award!!! You always brighten my day!!!
    You are such a positive, kind person!
    Please read my latest post about the Sunshine Award!
    Since I grew up in Brazil, I am not familiar with some things you mentioned.
    I loved your Keds! And I also loved the variety pack of cereal! My favourite used to be corn flakes (the sugary kind, with the Tiger). Now I love rice crispies chocolate. But like you I eat with peaches and yogurt... And the healthy cereal instead...
    I loved that you let the window down, lol! I will do that next sunny morning! YES, of course I remember cars without air conditioning! Fighting with my brother in the back seat... those were the days!!! Hugs!

  11. Hey, you're pretty much the same child as you were, aren't you! I sure do remember the skorts, I loved them too! I have to think about how to bring a bit more of my child nature to the present. I need this!

  12. Great memories! I was in my home town for a funeral July 3, and had a chance to reminisce about childhood memories with my cousins.

  13. :D Such a cute post, and i love your Keds! They are adorable.


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