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Thursday, July 5, 2012

the ugly.  

It's a normal day today, filled with the good, the bad, and the ugly. I think I will take them in reverse order, so I can end on an up note. 

First, is the ugly. We are in a major heat driven drought. Days in the 100s with no rain, have left, what a few short weeks ago was a lush landscape, an ugly brown mess. 

Ugh, it's like walking on straw.

We water in the morning, and three hours later the flowers look like this.

They completely wilt. You can see how dry the earth is and all the leaves that are turning prematurely brown and falling off the trees. 

Okay, now on to the bad. Monday, I picked up my laptop, which had been "in jail" for over a week awaiting a new screen. I was so happy to get it back, even though it set me back $190. Wednesday afternoon, it went out again.

It looked like this.

Um hello..... isn't this what I paid to fix? So first thing to day, I drug it back to the repair shop.

This was my face

Of course, my mama taught me you catch more flies with honey, so I restrained myself and didn't throw the computer at the repair guy.

Now on to the good and it's a big one. It looks like this.

Yes, yes, yes..... Our Trader Joe's has opened and it is less than 10 minutes from me. I am so excited. I am going today and I can't wait. So, I happen to think the good may just outweigh the bad and the ugly. Should I wear my Hawaiian shirt to get in the spirit?



  1. We have "Joe's", and there are just certain items that I will only buy there. Hawaiian shirt would be in order, it may brighten your mood anyway, unless it is hot rayon... Remember how our grandmothers used dishwater to give their plants a drink? So sorry to hear about your drought. How is the knee? or are you ignoring it? Wow, that was random...

  2. Yes to the Hawaiian shirt! That always makes for more vacation feeling for an outing.

  3. Our yard looked like that last year...but this year we've had so much rain that the mud is everywhere, and always found by the pups!
    Hang in there and stay as cool as you can. I have no idea what Trader Joe's is, but get over there in your Hawaiian shirt and be happy. :)

  4. Such a sad yard. Ours looks a little greener than that, but not much. Here's hoping for rain.

  5. Lucky you to have a Trader Joe's 10 minutes away. I have to drive 150 miles to get to one.
    We had so much rain in May that everything was lush and green. Now we have had hardly any since and things are beginning to turn brown. Plus, we have been having a major heat wave too. How's your knee doing?
    Have fun at Trader Joes!

  6. We finally have rain today!!! 84 degrees and fresh rain air... and ... we are getting a Trader Joe's here in SLC by Christmas -----FINALLY!!! Hope you get rain soon! (hug)

  7. Lucky you to have a Trader Joe's nearby! Our nearest is about 2 hours from here, and you don't make a two-hour trip just for one store. So sorry about your computer. My computer guy calls that 'the white screen of death.' I've had that experience recently. right now all is well, except that I'm getting a lot of spam in my Inbox that's missing the filter. Grrrr.

    Hope your computer is happy and well very soon!

  8. I sure hope you get some rain soon! That really is awful! And your poor 'puter! I hope it gets fixed right this time. Have fun shopping! I've never been to one of these stores. Let me know what you find there!

  9. Definitely a YES on the Hawaiian shirt.
    Sorry to hear about your computer troubles.
    Hotter than blazes here, too. We have some ugly drought-resistant weeds taking over what used to be our lawn.

  10. You can ONLY wear that Hawaiian shirt if you play your uke while you are wearing it. I hate days like you had....except for the Trader Joe's appearance...that is VERY VERY good news- xo Diana

  11. OK, YAY! Trader Joe's is Awesome! I missed it when we moved from CA but we finally got one here! Enjoy it!

  12. I have no idea what Trader Joe's is but I assume it is a cool place! On the other hand, the heat was unbearable here yesterday which is not that bad, having in mind how far north we are, we kind of enjoyed it but starting today the sky will be overcast and there will be thunderstorms for a week. That is what I call "jail".

    I hope those guys get your laptop right this time!

  13. Oh bless you, we are having the opposite problem,we're flooded out! I won't mind but it's supposed to be our summer.Rx

  14. Poor you, you have been having a time of it. But I'm feeling pretty sure that Trader Joe's is going to make up for a lot of pain and suffering! LOL Wish we had one here.


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