shopping on a monday

Monday, April 2, 2012

Yawn, stretch.....oh, I see that you are up bright and early and ready to shop. I have to confess, I was being a bit lazy last night and saved the making of the list until this morning. I was watching one of my new favorite addictions "Once Upon A Time". Do you watch it? I am not a huge TV watcher, but I love that show. Then my mom and I watched the movie "Hugo". Excellent movie. 

I had done some window shopping on Etsy this weekend, though, so I have a list all ready for you. 

Artichoke mixed page pendant light from zipper8lighting


Linen shopping bag from karmologyclinic


Vintage Asbury Park seltzer bottle from shavingkitsupplies


Round black and white ocean photograph from triciamckellarphoto


Cotton sleeping bag from goodintent


champagne lace collar from callmemimi


And of course, tonight is the finals of the NCAA basketball tournament and my Cats are playing. SO excited. GO BIG BLUE!!!



  1. What fun things you found. That light is amazing...and simple! I had a couple of the really old seltzer bottles that I a passed along to my son. Now I kinda wish I had them back.

    Wishing your GO BIG BLUE team a win tonight- xo Diana

  2. Did you order something from your favs list? I always look at jewelry and journals....2 of my favorite things to buy...or at list wish for! Enjoy your day!

  3. We're trying to save money at the moment so I'm doing my best to resist shopping on a Monday!Rx

  4. Love your picks! The lace collar especially :)
    I'm not much of a TV watcher either, but I do like Once Upon A Time!

  5. love all your pics!
    hope your team wins!!!

  6. Totally in love with your choices !
    I'm very honored and pleased for this mention ;)
    Thank you very much !!!!
    Call me Mimì

  7. nice selection of goodies!
    thanks :)

  8. great choices! you have made me realize that I haven't treated myself to an etsy purchase in quite awhile.... thanks for the shopping inspiration :D

  9. Love your etsy finds. Good luck tonight. Should be a walk in the park for the CATS!

  10. I am about to watch the cats in between some blogging! LOVE that lamp!

  11. Dear Laura!!!
    I thought... "I wonder what Laura is up to??" And came by to see how you are doing!
    Lovely picks from Etsy!
    And YES, I watch "Once Upon a Time", too!!
    Good luck with your game tonight!!!

  12. I don't know "Once Upon A Time", but I love your collected selections today! Wonderful photos! Hope your team wins!

  13. How could I Only NOW be finding your blog? I love Once Upon a Time, am a Kentucky transplant, and think your blog is awesome. Love your Etsy finds.

  14. I really love that seltzer bottle. Haven't yet seen Once Upon A time, but will keep my eyes open for it. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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