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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lately I have been really lazy obsessed having so much fun on Pinterest. I also have been looking at the terrible mess I've made going through all of my paper ephemera. I have decided to slowly introduce it back into ImSoVintage because I am not keeping up very well with my other shop. I originally opened Gossamer Memories, because I felt like my shop was getting too cluttered. (Ha, that seems to be a theme with me), but when something isn't working you need to rethink. 

So in the process of making this mess, which I REFUSE to share (okay, you talked me into it, here's a peak at part of the mess on the floor)


 I decided some all round spring cleaning is in order., and if possible I love to repurpose and reuse when I  am organizing. So that's where Pinterest comes in. 

I love how this old rake head has been used to organize garden tools. Old rake heads are also great in the kitchen to display vintage kitchen utensils or as a place to hang your aprons. I had two, sold them both.  SIGH!!!! Time to look for some more.

Photo source: BHG

The use of this old door for garden organization and a potting bench is pure genius. 

Photo source: atypicaltype

If you've read my blog for awhile, you know that I love vintage suitcases. This old trunk made into a place for your barware is fabulous and would look great to showcase any of your displays.

photo source: apartment therapy

Old canning jars are great to reuse for organizing. I love the fact that you can hang them on the wall like this. Great space savers.

photo source: weeping cherries

and this is another cute idea for old jars. I could sure use this with the jute and string I use.

photo source: homemade simple

I looked for one of these at the dreaded Walmart the other day and couldn't find one, but I think I could organize a lot of things in here and they would be out of sight.

Photo Source: scrapfreak

I think this big birdcage turned storage is really clever. Why don't I think of these things?

Photo source:
New England Stamper

OMG, I just had a brilliant idea. (you better pay attention here, because my brilliant ideas are few and far between and usually not that brilliant.) I am going to get my hanging sweater holder and put my papers in it.........uh oh, I just remembered it is in storage. I told you my ideas usually aren't that brilliant.

As a side note, remember the photo that the magazine wanted

 and I thought I couldn't get a high res photo with my camera. Well, I  took some new photos, sent them two, and the magazine said they were perfect. I might just give my little camera a hug :)



  1. I need to do what you're doing... it can be so hard to find time to be able to spread everything out to sort and organize... Love all the pics you posted. And your idea of using the sweater holder to hold papers is sweet too!

  2. Nice ideas. I need to figure out Pinterest... I keep hearing such great things but haven't actually tried it yet!

  3. HOORAY for getting the picture to work! The camera definitely deserves a hug ;-)

  4. Give your little camera a hug. And good luck with the magazine spot.
    I really need to get some organizing done. Just can't seem to keep up with everything.

  5. YYYAaaayyyy!!!! I am so glad the magazine could use the photo!!!!
    Laura, I know what you mean about the ideas!!! LOL! I LOVED the old door storage!!
    and about the door "shoe rack" for paper stuff?? I saw one yesterday at Winners, do you have Winners /Home Sense in the States? Ikea should have them too... but they might be fabric not plastic. Thank you for the wonderful ideas, we can all use some organizing...

  6. Great ideas! I especially love the gardening centers. I use hanging shoe bags for fabric scraps--very handy.

  7. Very cute ideas! I'm going to use the jars with string in them in my studio. Thanks, Connie

  8. An old wire dish drain also makes a great holder for envelopes and folders!

  9. My favorite is the bird cage -- it's so lovely. And congratulations on your photo being accepted. That must have made your day ... and good for you for sending it in even if you weren't sure it was hi res enough. Such good news!

  10. I feel so inspired by the photos. I so need to get organized. Congrats on the magazine photo. It's a really eye pleasing pic.


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