Thursday, March 1, 2012

the lull between

Today is the lull between the storms. Yesterday was a doozie. Sirens going off, thunder and lightning, winds blowing, and tornadoes. I was hoping I wasn't going to end up saying "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore". Whew!!! Fortunately the tornadoes skipped by us. Others in our state were not so lucky. Today is absolutely beautiful. The sun is shining in a cloudless sky and the temps are near 60. Tomorrow, so I've heard is supposed to be much worse than yesterday. So today I decided was a perfect day to get the errands run. Walmart (hate going there) was calling my name for printer's ink and other supplies. I needed some groceries and there was also a post office run thrown in.

While I was out, I noticed that Spring is really starting to burst out.....

daffodils at the drive thru (yes I needed a veggie burger fix)

buffalo grass sprouting up all over the yard with its little white flowers

green leaves popping out on the honeysuckle bushes

blossoms getting ready to burst out on some of the trees

and some were in their full glory (this one really made me smile. If I had been riding a bike you would have heard me singing)

Today is March first. That means meteorlogically it is the first day of Spring. So the storms may blow and there may be spells of cold, but it's March and that means that winter is on its way out. 

DEAR March, come in!
How glad I am!
I looked for you before.
Put down your hat—
You must have walked—        5
How out of breath you are!
Dear March, how are you?
And the rest?
Did you leave Nature well?
Oh, March, come right upstairs with me,        10
I have so much to tell!
I got your letter, and the bird’s;
The maples never knew
That you were coming,—I declare,
How red their faces grew!        15
But, March, forgive me—
And all those hills
You left for me to hue;
There was no purple suitable,
You took it all with you.        20
Who knocks? That April!
Lock the door!
I will not be pursued!
He stayed away a year, to call
When I am occupied.        25
But trifles look so trivial
As soon as you have come,
That blame is just as dear as praise
And praise as mere as blame.

Emily Dickinson



  1. Hope you come through the second day of storms unscathed! Looks so nice and springlike where you are!

  2. I thought about you yesterday when they showed Greenfield, Ky on the news. Glad everything was o.k. Your right about March being spring,I feel the same way. I haven't even planned to go to any estate sales because of tomorrows storms. We'll see what spring brings next!

  3. What a lovely post Laura. The same goes for here as well, as far as the weather and the blooming and sprouting, and goings on. Love the poem. Today was glorious and I am hoping they are wrong about tomorrow!! Snow on Sunday, I DON"T THINK SO! Mind over matter!! LOL. Have a wonderful weekend and hang on to YOU'RE HAT TOO!

  4. I'm glad you weren't hit by the storm. Spring looks like it's springing there. We finally have snow here, but it's melting already. I can't wait to see flowers.


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