Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the best things in life..............

are free, and right now the bounty that is spring, is free. At the moment I can't think of anything better. (well except maybe hugs from my grandchildren and those are free, too)

I think the Lexington Cemetery is one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots I know of, and at this time of year it is nothing less than spectacular. We always make sure to visit when the weeping cherries are in bloom. Many of the trees are well over 100 years old and they are gorgeous.

I love the pink against the brilliant blue of the sky.

The tulips had begun to make an appearance. I'm afraid my little point and shoot camera kind of fails me on these close up shots.

and I was happy to see that the daffodils are still in full bloom

I think the geese were enjoying the day just as much as we were.

They seemed to have have picked the perfect spot

safe and secluded

I know that I love sitting under these beautiful trees looking up at the sky.

It was such a beautiful, peaceful afternoon, I hated to leave, but I could see that the clouds were starting to roll in and we were expecting thunderstorms, so we headed home.

I visit the cemetery pretty often, because it is where I go to visit with my dad and many other of my relatives. I always feel a sense of peace when I leave. They have the most amazing old headstones there. I think one day soon I am going to take my camera and see if I can get some decent shots of those. 

I hope your weather is as beautiful as ours is. We are definitely getting spoiled with all of the summer like temperatures.



  1. Absolutely stunning! It is still cold up here in the north. You are sounding so happy... I'm glad for you!

  2. Beautiful photos and such a gorgeous spot! We have been enjoying wonderful weather too but now it's supposed to rain all week (although we could use the rain too). I am fascinated by old headstones. Like you said, some of them are amazing....like little works of art. I have done a lot of genealogy over the years and have spent my fair share of time taking photos of ancestor's headstones.
    Have a great day.

  3. Laura this is such a pretty place! I can see how peaceful it is. Love the photos of the trees against that blue sky. I'm hoping for a little rain to clear the air of some pollen! Hugs, Linda

  4. Laura, I actually gasped when I saw those weeping cherry trees. They and your photo of them are gorgeous. It looks like spring in your area is ahead of our. It is my favorite time of year and the bits you capture with your camera are really enjoyed. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Laura, your photos are stunning! WOW! and to think all that was free. You are so so right. Your post is breath taking. Have a wonderful week. It's is beautiful here also.

  6. So beautiful! What a treasure to have such a lovely spot to visit!

  7. Great photos. That winding tree lined street looks perfect for a leisurely Spring stroll.

    Quiet Luxury

  8. Gorgeous, Laura.
    What a beautiful day you had. :)

  9. Wow, so beautiful! I just love seeing all the pink blossoms right now.

  10. Beautiful photos! I am SO ready for Spring!

  11. Beautiful photos. I love a good cemetery. Such beauty and quiet.

  12. Those are some of the prettiest trees Ive ever seen. Nice to see the geese enjoying
    that beautiful day as well. Happy Spring!

  13. Laura- Those pictures are just GORGEOUS! I can't wait till we have things blooming here. I am sooo jealous- xo Diana

  14. Hi, Laura!!! LOVED your pictures you do such a GREAT job!!!
    Send me some Spring, pleeeeaaseee!!!


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