Sunday, March 4, 2012

the best cheerer upper

I was feeling a bit down yesterday, and well yes let's admit it, downright sorry for myself. I should have been filled with gratitude as I looked at all the terrible devastation from the tornadoes, the day before, in the surrounding areas. We were so fortunate to have been spared. I t should have made my troubles seem trivial, but let's face it, we are all a little egocentric. 

I'm tired of these cranky knees and impatient to get the surgery over with. I don't want to wait until March 26th  just to get into the surgeon and then who knows how long before the surgery. These knees are slowing me down. I can't cruise around the thrift stores and the antique malls looking for finds for my shop. I know, I should be grateful that I can walk at all, and I am.

I'm frankly tired of living with my 87 year old mother. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful that she has given me a home after I lost everything, but I miss my things. I miss having my own home, my privacy, my ability to be an adult, the fun of decorating that I love so much. And really at the age of 61, when I disagreed with something she said the other day and she told me I was sassing her, I thought to myself, I think I passed the sassing age 40 years ago. (I know, it's actually pretty funny to be reprimanded for sassing at my age).

And then there is the camera issue. I do the best I can with my seven year old little point and shoot camera. In just the right light and with some photo editing, I am able to get pretty decent photos for my shop. But yesterday I got a request from a magazine for this

Could you please send us a high res copy of this photo. Um, my little camera doesn't do high res. So now I have to message them back in embarrassment, thanking them for the wonderful opportunity, but explaining about the camera.

But then something wonderful happened. Do you see this precious face?

My phone rang, and a sweet voice said "Nana, are you okay.? I was worried about you because of the tornadoes." This is the same child who last fall at age five, put her arm around me and said "Nana, you are just lovable." I think it was the first time in my life anyone had used that word about me. Suddenly everything was put into perspective, by a six year old. Yes, my situation isn't good, but I'm loved. There is someone who worries about me and thinks I am lovable. What in life can be better than that?



  1. Why is it that it is never just one problem at a time we must battle, but they all come at you at once. Yet, something so simple can give us the perspective we need to get through it, sometimes just a few words, sometimes someone holding our hand or crying with us. I think you are much loved for everything you do, but when you give out so much you don't always see it coming back to you in the same proportion. But it's there, and you know where you can ask for it....((())) Trix

  2. Ahhh, out of the mouths of makes the world right!

  3. The sweetness of a child never fails to cure everything! I hope today is a better day for you.

  4. How darling is she??!!!! So sweet ... I think the love is what gets us through all the hurdles, gives some type of inner strength ~ glad you are out of harms way :) Judi

  5. Having someone to love you makes everything we endure all worth it. I am a bit older than you and I can't do much lately because of a bad, hurting back. It's very frustrating, so I know how you feel. But getting an "I love you" via a text msg or phone call from a loved one makes the day bright. We have good days and we have bad's called Life.

  6. We all fall prey to that kind of thinking. I was complaining about our weather the other day when my dad mentioned the tornados and I promptly felt completely self-absorbed. It put things in perspective.

    About the camera, is there someone you know who could lend you their camera or come over and take a picture of that for you? I'd hate to see you lose out on an opportunity!


  7. Laura, aren't grandkids the greatest! Your granddaughter is adorable. She called you at just the right time.
    I hope, like Claudia suggested, that you can borrow someones camera or have them take a photo for you so you can take advantage of this opportunity.
    Praying for a cancellation so you can get in to see the doctor sooner.

  8. What a sweet little girl! She is just precious!

  9. Laura,

    I think that you talked yourself out of your pity party. :o) I have them occasionally too. I guess it is normal. But you realized how much you are love and thought of. I sure hope that you can get into the doctor sooner so that you can get your knees fixed. You are so talented.


  10. I hope March will bring you better knees and you will be able to use them accordingly! I also believe that you are not just lovable, nut precious as well! In fact, mothers have always been there to make us grow and look deeper into ourselves, to challenge us, so... you know, I think that's exactly how life flows.

    Your granddaughter knows!

  11. Keep the faith and your knees will be fixed before you know it. We all have these moments in life where everything seems wrong. Nice that you have that cute little girl to cheer you up when you need it.

  12. Laura I'm pretty new to your blog so now sure how you lost everything but I am so sorry! I do know what you mean about your Mom. I am also 61 and my Mom is 81 and when I visit her and stay for too long I can't believe how she still tells me what to do. I have to bite my tongue. I love her but living with her might put me over the edge. I am so glad you were then blessed by your Grandchild. They do make things all better. hugs, Linda

  13. I hope you can be flattered that someone wanted one of your beautiful photos! I'm sorry life is going as smoothly as you would like, or as you certainly deserve--but you have the right attitude in counting your blessings. Hope tomorrow is full of sunshine for you!

  14. Dear Laura,
    What a wonderful little Cheerer-Upper! ♥ I know what you mean; we lost our home and all our animals in a fire almost 2 years ago...sometimes I still get SO depressed; then the tornados last week...we went to the basement, but no damage or loss of life right here (close, though) ~ I have to remind myself to count my blessings! You certainly have a sweet Blessing in that little granddaughter!
    ♥ Anne ♥

  15. I'm sorry to hear that your knees are getting the best of you but you know what time is like ... March 26 will be here in a flash. As for your mother's comment about sassing, let's hope we'll continue to sass however old we are. And finally, your beautiful granddaughter is the wisest person in the world.

  16. Awwww, Laura!!!! What a GIFT, to hear this from your grandaughter!!! And I know how "impertinent" mother can be... I have one, too!!! Thank God, LOL! She loves you, too!
    I am so glad I read this post, I started with the snow and then went down and red this one... Sometimes I feel like that. A little down, and guilty for feeling down, since I have so many blessing in my life! I am glad you recovered, and it is already appreciating the beautiful snow! I hope you can still use the photo, and that the surgery is a success! It will be here before you know it!


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