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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

tick tock

Do you ever feel like time is racing by and that you are falling behind. You know the old saying "the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get". I have been feeling that way lately. There are so many things I want to accomplish and they aren't getting done.

My six year old granddaughter created this and my daughter photographed it. It made me think how we are all just trying to live our lives from A to Z. There is so much to do every day and sometimes I wonder if we set our expectations too high.

That is so definitely me on some days. I feel like the bag lady has struck. Have I been getting anything accomplished. Well, of course. I've made some pillows for my new line.

but, frankly it is going slower than I would like. The creative process seems to take longer for me. I have to search through jars of buttons to find just the right one. 

I have to put fabrics together and then look at them for awhile to know if they make me happy together. 

and because my concept involves being eco friendly, I have to hunt down my materials; old quilts, vintage linens and feedsack fabrics. It takes more time than I like. So I have been working on creating happy thoughts along with my work. When I start to feel bogged down, I think about a moment in my life when I felt perfectly free and happy.

Remember what it was like to be a child and to feel completely uninhibited. There was just pure joy in the simplest things. I can remember being about ten years old and riding my bike through town and singing at the top of my lungs. Some man drove by and started to smile when he saw me. At first I felt a little embarrassed, but then I realized how good I felt and that I had made him feel good too. So now I conjure up that feeling when things seem to be getting me down.

And when I get my knees fixed, one of the first things I plan to do is get me a bike. SO if you see some crazy lady riding a bike and singing at the top of her lungs, that will be me. 


Today is the 4 year anniversary of ImSoVintage the shop. Yes, I opened my shop on February 29th,leap year, four years ago. To celebrate, I am offering a 15% discount on all purchases today only. Just use coupon code ANNIVERSARYDAY at checkout.



  1. Oh gosh, I couldn't agree more. I was SO the bag lady today. Lovely pillows.

  2. Great post and pillows! You brought back my memories of being 10 years old, carefree on a bicycle. Love that feeling....hope you have a very productive day today. Carol Ann

  3. You sound a lot like me. I'm just starting the crafting process again and it is taking so much time. But then I realized that it makes me slow down and be in the moment so I need to savor the process, not just the results. Well, that's my take on it anyway and I'm sticking to it! :)

  4. You are not alone, I feel the same way...most of the time! Your pillows are very pretty, even if they did take longer to make than you wished.

  5. I love this post, and I can TOTALLY relate. I feel behind 99% of the time. I keep reminding myself that life is not a race. My grandparents had a farm in Tennessee, and I used to ride my grandfather's pony when I was ten—Milk Chocolate was his name. While riding I would sing "Born Free" at the top of my lungs. I didn't know all the words, so I'd sing the chorus over and over again. At the time I didn't think anyone could hear me. But now I'm certain everyone for miles around probably did! Makes me smile:-) Have a great week. Your pillows are works of art!

  6. Seems to be what most of us are feeling. Could it possibly be the time of year? Maybe so!

  7. I'm trying to get organized so I can accomplish more. Love your Etsy shop. The pillows you make are amazing! hugs, Linda

  8. Love those clocks, I would really like to have a collection like that.

    The lovely photo of your Granddaughter would look so pretty enlarged in a rectangle frame!

    Behind, yes I feel it all the time, create, how can I when there is soooo much to still be done here, LOL. I love that you source all of your own fabrics, what a great idea. But I understand how much work it is. Have a great sale day!

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. I enjoy all of your photos, of course (lovely clock collection!) but especially love the photo of your sweet little granddaughter's foot and the ABCs. :-)

  10. The ABC pictures is absolutely heavenly. Kids are so precious and unintentionally endearing. The clocks on display make me think about my own clock collection. There is something so soothing about the house being 'pin drop quiet' in the evenings and all I can hear is the 'tick tock' from the clock in our living room. It relaxes me!


  11. Very true- life does just race by and seems to be going faster every year. It's so hard to slow down. Beautiful work on the pillows!

  12. I'm right there with you. As I get older, I seem to be less motivated/energetic all the time! Lovely pillows.

  13. This is exactly how I have been feeling, too. Loads of creative sparks, little time to dwell on them. Still, with each little bit of effort on our creative projects, we know how much love and meaning has gone into them. Happy anniversary! Your pillows are beautiful.

  14. Your new pillows are lovely! I am like you--my creativity takes time! I will never be one of those people who crank out the amazing projects; I guess my mind doesn't work that fast ;-)
    Can't wait to "see" you riding and singing!

  15. Love your clocks and the red and white pillow!


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