patience is........

Saturday, February 11, 2012

.....definitely overrated. I know, you thought I was going to say a virtue, and I wanted to say that, I really did, but I am just not feeling the love for patience at the moment. You are probably saying, but Laura, you usually have such a sunny disposition. ( give me a moment while I admonish my two grown daughters over the internet for laughing) 

This is how I have been walking the last two months.

Yes, I have been limping around town with a cane. When I took my sister to the orthopedic doctor for her broken ankle, the nurse came in, looked at us, and said "you two are just like a Cadillac with two flat tires". 

She was right, we were all dressed up and couldn't move. Speaking of flat tires, I went out to check on my van, which I haven't driven for a couple of weeks and, yes, you guessed it, it has a flat tire. Really?? That little ordeal is going to have to wait until after the freezing cold snowy weekend we are having. I will be virtuously patient for that. 

Okay, so what is it that I am having such a problem being patient about. Well, as you know, I went to see the ortho doctor on Thursday. I had told him that as bad as my right knee is, with the cartilage tearing off, my left knee is actually worse. Okay, he agreed to xray it. He sheepishly entered my room and pronounced. You know, you were right. Your left knee is worse!!! I'm sending you to the knee replacement doctor. Hallelujah!!!!  finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

This is where the patience part comes in. You see, it is a really long tunnel. They have agreed to work me in to see the surgeon on March 26th...... Excuse me, isn't that over six weeks away? I am really in pain. I can't walk. I need to be seen......Nurse Ratched very sweetly replied, "I know, but the doctor is actually booked until May. This is the first day we can possibly make room for you."  Are there really that many people walking around (and I use the term walking, loosely) with knees that need to be replaced?  Has the entire state of Kentucky worn out their knees? Have they all been mountain climbing, running marathons, what is it?

So here I am, on this cold, snowy February day, (yes my family does have a very strong drama gene) looking forward to spring. Spring will bring an appointment with the Pope  surgeon and who knows, by summer I may get the actual surgery. 

In the meantime, I refuse to mention my knees anymore. This is the last you will hear about them until the appointed day. (maybe, I hate making sweeping statements)


  1. Bless your heart (and your knees)...I am so sorry for the long wait, I know my mother had similar waiting problems for her knee too (18 months)...and is now on a waiting list for the second one, but she is in Australia and they are famous for making "elective* (cough cough) patience wait for yrs.
    I hope you get a magical call that someone has canceled and they can see you sooner...

    Blessings Kelsie

  2. It must be so hard to wait! I have a feeling knee replacement surgery is pretty popular. I hope that something good happens and there is an opening and you can get your surgery done sooner rather than later!


  3. Oh Laura, I hope there will be a cancellation so you can get in to see the surgeon sooner. I know how hard it is to walk around with painful knees.
    Keep you patience and your humor.

  4. You don't have to talk about it anymore...but I'll keep you--and your knees!--in my thoughts and prayers. Sending virtual hugs your way!
    P.S. Did you ask Nurse Ratchet if you could be put on a cancellation list?

  5. You poor thing!. I hope your weather clears soon. I know that won't help your knees but it might give your spirits a boost. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  6. Oh Laura, you poor thing! It is horrible to be at the mercy of doctors. Maybe by some stroke of luck, someone will cancel & they can fit you in sooner. hang in there!

  7. Oh dear! Hope you heal soon! Thank you for following me...following you back!

  8. What a long wait!
    Hoping you can manage the pain until then.

  9. I'm not very patient either! Hope March 26th comes soon. :)


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