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Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Monday again. Where does the time go? It seems like the days are flying past and summer is coming so quickly to a close.Just one week until Labor Day. I remember when we strictly adhered to the tradition that it was improper to wear white after Labor Day. Do you know how that tradition got started?

Here are some of the explanations I found.

The US navy traditionally switches from their white to navy uniforms after Labor Day.
White clothes are worse protection against the cold in winter weather.

The one I find most interesting is the wearing of white arose as a class issue. Beginning in the late 1800's, the wealthy class who lived in the North East would go to their summer homes in places like Martha's Vineyard between Memorial Day and Labor Day. To distinguish between their summer and winter homes, they would wear white only during the summer. The middle classes were soon emulating this fashion trend and it became a "rule" that was strictly adhered to. Now that this structure has loosened up (and aren't we glad it has) we can wear and decorate our homes in white year round. 

So lets do some white shopping this week. 

baby block hook board from bluebirdheaven

mama and baby polar bears  from littleloveblue

a trio of pumpkins from allthingswhite

linen stripe towel from fadedplains

crochet scrubbies from cocoa beans

french skeleton keys from frenchfelt

vintage winter coat from fatrabbit1

Happy shopping.



  1. Love this post! Having been born and raised in the South, we never thought to ask why we don't wear white before Easter and after Labor Day... we just did it because that's what our Mom told us to do! LOL I admit over the years my girls and I have relaxed that tradition slightly, but we still can't bring ourselves to go to the extreme... :-)

  2. Great finds! Thank you so much for including my skeleton keys Laura!

  3. Wonderful items, I am off to check out the shops! So very pleased to be included here- thank you.


  4. I love all of the crisp pure white. White allows other objects to pop!

  5. Such great finds! I especially love those pumpkins!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping in at Baba's! I adore your site and am a new follower! I too am in love with vintage.

  7. i love your blog and thank you so much for including my scrub scrubbies:) wonderful choices, i just love everything:)
    diana from cocoabeans

  8. What a great everything you chose...thanks so much for including me.

  9. You know that you are responsible for feeding and supporting my very dangerous Etsy habit.....

  10. .....that makes you an enabler!!! ;P

  11. Love the pumpkins, Celeste, The Victorian Tailor

  12. O my so many great products here
    some are being added to my favs!!!


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