the shaker influence in america

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I am off visiting the family in Atlanta, so you may have noticed my postings have been sporadic. But, as they have taken a little trip to Target for school supplies, I thought I would try to get in a Saturday post.  I have always loved the Shaker influence in decorating. There is nothing better than their simple pure lines, and as we have a Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill in Kentucky, I like to visit and and enjoy lunch at the Shaker Inn as often as possible.

So here is a quick look at some Shaker decor.

A lovely Shaker bench from ShakerStyle

a typical Shaker bedroom via Apartment Therapy

shaker pantry boxes via country living

some sweet Shaker baskets via basketsnprims

a shaker dining room via apartment therapy

I'm thinking that most of us would not want to live quite as austerely as the Shakers did, but their timeless furniture and accessories are beautiful additions to most any decor.

Have a great Saturday. I am getting ready to ooh and aah over some new backpacks.



  1. School supply shopping - wow - just doesn't seem time for it yet, does it? I definitely couldn't live as simply as the Shakers, but they do build some beautiful things! Enjoy your family - visits always seem to go so fast...

  2. love the shaker style!

    with all the clutter I have in my closets, I almost long for the wall pegs with only three or four outfits hanging! lol
    great photos & inspiration Laura!

  3. I love the simplicity of the bedroom, even if I could just never manage it! =0) I recently picked up an antique shaker box for my antique booth. I just love the amazing patina!

  4. The shaker style bench is my favorite! Sometimes I wish for a little more simplicity...


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