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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I am......

many things.  


For most of my life I allowed myself to believe that I was what other people told me I was. Those beliefs held me back. We are none of us what other people say we are. We are what we believe we are. 

When I went to graduate school in my 40s, my eyes were opened. Unfortunately, they were opened for other people. I didn't apply the principles I learned to myself. So while I was busy helping others become enlightened, happier, better people, I was still seeing myself in terms of what other people told me I was. I was living a life that other people told me I should live. It didn't work.

No more.


I really love being me and I am now busy manifesting my dreams.

Thursday I am having knee replacement surgery. I used to believe that because I lost my health insurance, I would have to live with the pain of my two cranky knees. Then I started to believe that I would get the surgery and things began to fall into place. One will be done and I believe the other will get done, too.

We can never be truly happy by trying to be someone that others want us to be. 

source unknown

I am looking forward to the rest of my life, just being me and I love that I have gotten to know you, because I love who you are.



  1. Great post! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  2. Good luck on Thursday! I agree, great post!

  3. Best wishes on the surgery. Hope you are soon up and walking again and soon pain-free!

  4. I'm sending wishes for a speedy discovery your way. Hugs and healing prayers....Mary

  5. Sending prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Keep believing in all the good things for the rest of your life.

  6. Dear Laura!!!!
    Beautiful post!!!
    I am so glad I met you!
    I will be praying and thinking of you on Thursday!
    Everything is going to be OK!
    Keep us posted, please.

  7. Great post, Laura! I agree with all you've said about just being YOU. I will pray that your surgery is successful and the recovery swift! Take care.

  8. Good on you, and thank you for pointing that out. Good luck for the surgery, and take care

  9. Love this post! I believe in manifesting our dreams. Sometimes, actually often, I manifest negative things because that is what I'm thinking of and devoting my thinking time to - fear. But I know from experience that we can manifest our dreams. It's happened to me many times.

    Best of luck with your surgery, my friend.


  10. What a beautiful post! Love the fish quote.

  11. What a wonderful and encouraging post.
    God bless your surgery Thursday.

  12. Laura, hi! Cute sayings and cute that you shared them. Thanks for the encouragement and the thoughts for my day! ~ Renae

  13. Really nice post! A lot of encouraging words felt here. :) I hope your surgery goes well. I believe it will. :)

  14. I'll be pulling for you on Thur.! Will be anxious to hear knee updates.

  15. My best wishes for you with the knee surgery! So glad you found a way to get it done. I know just what you are talking about in how we can limit ourselves sometimes.

  16. You are so right! For some of us it is hard to find ourselves, our true feelings or thoughts. But that is as well the miracle of life and it is a great journey to take to yourself. I hope that you are recovering well from the operation!


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